…the deconstruction of a once sane existence

The Ring

(Ok, well here is post no. three that I just left in draft form on 1/31/11 – why break up a set, right? LOL)

Well here we go, they say things always come in three’s, don’t they? So, first I had an online friend pretty much give me the kiss off (I feel so used, but that’s a whole other thing – quite frankly it hurts too much to discuss yet), then I find out the hubby got into a car accident because of his ‘I’m-better-then-everyone-else-so-you-better-get-the-hell-outa-my-way’ attitude, and now this… see, my son’s class ring was delivered today, and the first thing that this wonderful father of my offspring did was take it away.  He informed my son that he doesn’t get it until he actually graduates from high school.  Who ever heard of such a thing??  Seriously, he gives the word controlling a whole new meaning.

Ah well, just another day in the torturous life of…..



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