…the deconstruction of a once sane existence


So, it’s the 18 of April, and tax day.  He went and spent over a thousand bucks (more like $1500.00, if not more) on frog stuff (and he doesn’t even have the frogs yet, ugh),  and when we paid the taxes, we had to use the credit card to pay it, and beg borrow and steal to pay the state taxes, cuz  they only take payments from accounts, not credit cards.  And all in time for my birthday this Friday and Easter this Sunday.

Now here’s an added bonus, the last major purchase he made for his frog stuff, was a security cam system, complete with 8 cameras.  Seems he wanted to be able to watch his frogs (which he doesn’t have yet mind you), but all I can see is a way for him to spy on me.  Of course he insisted it was to watch his frogs, but wouldn’t ya know it, he pointed one of those stupid cameras right where I sit in the living room.  The man needs some serious professional help.

But before that, he said he wanted to give me his computer room for a bedroom (at the time I had my futon in the side room off the living room – no doors, just a double wide opening like you would see between a living room and a dining room).  I jumped at it, before he could change his mind, though I always thought he would anyways and take it back, which he hasn’t (says he likes the idea of me having my own room, go figure).

Oh, and did I mention that the washer died last week?  I was sooo upset; thought he would tell me to deal, worse case scenario – that I would have to wash everything by hand.  Best – I would be able to go to the Laundromat and actually dry the clothes).  But then he said to look and see if Lowe’s had a 6-month same as cash thing, and then we could go get a washer/dryer from there.  I was floored, but again, jumped at it.  Of course the day they were suppose to deliver them, their truck broke down and had to wait an additional 2 days to get them, but I have them now, and I no longer have to hang every thing up – WOOT (my dryer hasn’t been able to dry anything for a year and a half)!

Wow, I really haven’t written in a while, because I just realized that I didn’t mention that he let me finally get glasses too!  Have needed them for two years, and he backed out of my last attempt at getting glasses.  He was none too pleased in letting me make an appointment (it was Adam’s 16th birthday, and he took the day off and kept Adam out of school for the day).  It took way too long in his opinion, but he muddled through, even though it still was quite expensive in my assessment (even with insurance), he paid it and let me get them.  Oh I ended up getting progressive with 3 lines of vision – my first pair of glasses and they’re bifocals, lol.

Ok, stopping right now –


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