…the deconstruction of a once sane existence

Man, This Blows….

Ok, first of the month.  He’s still spending money on this frog thing – and its gotten to the point where the bills are falling to the wayside.  Dude is trying to say I only need to get milk and bread, and that’s it – ass.  It’s bad enough he only gives me 50 bucks for food each week to feed the whole fam, but now hes trying to cut back my food money so he can spend it on frog crap???
Birthday was April 22nd (good Friday/earth day).  Really blew the big one.  Started off with me making everyone else breakfast – ended with me making dinner for everyone – really sucked.  And an online friend (or former friend, not sure what’s going on there), had called me all drunk and all, said some not-so-nice things to me and got me all upset.  Then, called me up on my birthday to apologize for getting me all upset.  I thought he might have been calling to wish me a happy birthday, but apparently I was wrong.  That just hurt.  (I’m gonna hafta explain that one in more detail at a later time)



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