…the deconstruction of a once sane existence

My two Sides

Ok so I have these two sides – one is logical, intelligent, and knowledgeable.  They other is a bit more… distorted – broken, defeated and even a touch masochistic it seems; and it goes from one end of the spectrum – extremely emotional – to the other – completely detached and no emotions at all.  I tell this because I have not really given background to what I have been through, and I know that some of it will sound absurd.  How could someone put up with such treatment?  The fact of the matter is a lot of the time I blame myself for a lot of the treatment I have endured.  Sort of a “you made your bed, now lie in it” attitude.  That would be the “distorted” side I think; or maybe it’s the logical side? Guess it could be either.  I have a tendency to approach and describe all of this with a detached, analytical eye at times – an “it is what it is” mind-set.
Well, I’ll let everyone else be the judge of that as I let my story unfold…

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